Saturday, 11 October 2008

life is not fair

life is not fair

she was our junior
she was only a thirteen-year-old girl
with the entire world waiting for her to explore
there were so much things for her to learn
but now she couldn't

the God has taken her
to the place of heaven
so that she can be with Him
and with many other good persons
and so that she can be an angel

i think God is so selfish
He takes the good persons
but He may have His onw reason and purpose
to take the good persons

dear junior
you'll forever be remembered
by all of us who has known you
so long for now
rest in peace..

new blog name: the meaning of life

is like a circle
a cycle
a loop
if you walk around these things
you'll never find an end

life's the same
no matter what happens
life just goes on
no matter what you do
you can't stop life from going on

it's like when someone dies
or something happens
you'll be affected
but you still have to go on with your life
when you've gotten over the thing that happened
you're less affected
and it's still the same
your life goes on

i can still remember
when neil asked each of us in turn in a class
to tell him what did home mean to us
when it was my turn
i told him
'home is where life goes on,
no matter what happens,
you'll still go home
and go on with your life,'

is a strange thing
i may be able to define life to you
or to tell you what life means from this point of view
but tomorrow
i may not be able to define
or to tell you from this point to you

is a difficult thing
too deep to be understood