Saturday, 28 March 2009


Rules #1: 被点者请在自己的BLOG写下答案。
Rules #2: 请传给另外其他人。(至少3个)
Rules #3: 传阅人请在这时个人的留言板中,告知他/她已被点名了。
Rules #4: 这些被点名者,被点的会得到幸福,愿望立刻实现。


你的绰号: FaN, 小龙咯咯, 娃娃音( i am innocent, T.T )
年龄: already 17 liao lo in white valentine's day.. hehe
星座: pisces
兴趣: read story lo, text messaging lo, go online lo, play basket ball (long long time no play liao, miss playing)

你有没有喜欢的人: for now, no gua. hehe
是否在交往: i said i don't have liao lo. haha. XD
现在幸福吗: yes as long as i am alive on this universe.. haha
你最想做的事是: hmm, let me think, what i'd like to do is to do things that i like in everyday of my life..

点你的人是: xinQi
她是你的: best friend. XP
她的个性: can be very playfull at some times, and can be very serious at some times. she is very, erm, how to say, deep person. haha. no offence xinQi, don't terminate me. haha.. XD
你想对她说什么: best friends forever!! and must always be cheerfull!! smiles suit you best! ^^

最爱的节目: CSI, CSI-NY, LOST.. but i don't have astro now, so cannot watch! T.T
最爱的音乐: many wor! but recently i am addicted to 神木与瞳's songs. very nice songs, meaningfull to me. ^^
喜欢最爱的季节: i like two season. 1st: autumn, because maybe i am a bit pessimism, and autumn seems a sad and deep season to me, and because autunm seems very romantic.. ( hehe, can't blam me, i am a typical pisces. ) 2nd: winter, because i like world in white, it seems quiet and peaceful..
最爱的卡通: mickey mouse, pink panther, tom and jerry
最爱的人: friends and family
最爱的颜色: blue, purple, white and black and turquoise
最爱的国家: i don't know, mabye spain gua, because i like barcelona
最爱的天气: i like blue sky, and i like raining day..

如果上天给你3个愿望:1) i want to live well in this live. 2) time passes slower, so that i have more time for friends and such.. 3) to forget..
你是一个专一的人吗:i don't know, maybe. xinQi, am i?
最深刻的回忆: everyday since i was born, everyday is meaningful to me
你是个很有信心的人吗: 50%50%
你很爱微笑吗: yes i like. i hate myself when i am emo-ing and very very pessimistic.. haiz..
如果要你放弃现在的生活: if only i'll have a better life. but now i am happy with what i have now.
妄想什么样的生活: a life free from test, exams and studying for tests and exams
是否横刀夺爱才是爱: no. in my view, love is full of caring for other people. if somebody will stay up late just to wait for you to go to sleep, you are lucky. ^^

现在,我要把幸福套餐送给··· 1) zhao min 2) chia chia 3) jing han

Saturday, 14 March 2009



yeah! i'm 17!!

Happy birthday to me!

to tell you the truth, this is the best birthday out of so many birthdays,
because so many people wish me!
i feel like i am a xing4 fu2 de xiao3 hai2. XD

anyway, hope all of us can have a great and happy year!!

12.21am-the end


Walao e!
who's this girl, hasn't updated her blog for ages,
or you can say it was the last century since her updates.

Let me tell you a truth.
that girl is me.

I have so so soooo many schoolworks,
staybacks in school that i didn't have time to work on my blog.

I promise, i'll do my best to update my blog as often as possible. zettai!