Tuesday, 23 February 2010

after CNY

well, i can say that i had a great CNY
had gone to play basketball but for a stupid reason, i didn't play in match
by and large
this was a fun year because got to spend times with favourite cousins
played games, visited relatives, watched CNY special shows on TV..
well, just a normal life, the different thing was you got to see relatives that you only see during CNY.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

a conviction

have been thinking more often lately...

fragments of memory swirling in my head
suddenly i realise that i'm not a believer
not always
not everytime

ps this'd be the last post before CNY

Saturday, 6 February 2010

this is what i feel right now

I am moving through the crowd
Trying to find myself
I feel like a guitar that's never played
Will someone strum away

And I ask myself
Who do I wanna be?
Do I wanna throw away the key
And invent a whole new me
And I tell myself

No one
No one
Don't wanna be
No one
But me

You are moving through the crowd
Trying to find yourself
Feel like a doll left on a shelf
Will someone take it down

And you ask yourself
Who do I wanna be
Do I wanna throw away the key
And invent a whole new me
Gotta tell yourself

No one
No one
Don't wanna be
No one
But me

Your life plays out on the shadows on the wall
You turn the light on to erase it all
You wonder what it's like to not feel worthless
So open all the blinds and all the curtains

No one
No one
Don't wanna be
No one
But me

We are moving through the crowd

I'm still here
when everyone around me is moving on
trying to figure out what to do with life..

Friday, 5 February 2010

nights of nightmares

is it only me or is it everyone else
the days are getting hotter and hotter
it's getting more unbearable
mirages were hard to see a few years back
they were only common on highway
but now the weather has changed
everyday i can see mirages at the road when heading home
the weather really has changed

speaking about night of nightmares
SPM result is in 5 weeks!
night of nightmares for sure!

deep in thought again

now i really wish i can vanish out of this world
go somewhere else
do something else
do something new
be someone else
and start it all over
maybe to forget
amnesia seems welcoming now

blue and purple for the emo me

Thursday, 4 February 2010

deep in thought

people have time when they're feeling down
this is the day that i feel down
is a bit down
with mixed feelings
i guess that's what one feels when one doesn't see one's friends much

thinking hard
life's never the same again and never will be after graduation
this is what i feel
a bit happy
even a bit excited
emptiness is what i feel most

i'm walking further and further
getting far
what i see becomes blur
sometimes i even wish
i have to get the hell outta here
out of this world?
to be in another world seems welcoming
this wish is strong today