Wednesday, 21 October 2009

servant of evil

although the world is against you
i'll still stand beside you
because i'm your brother
your twins
if you're evil
then i'm evil too
because we flow the same blood..

it's a nice song

Sunday, 18 October 2009

it'll be pretty soon

graduation is coming
i'm a bit down
we'll be going apart..
won't be able to see friends that often anymore
sometimes this make me refuse to face the truth
refuse to grow up
but that's what growing up are about

and junhui just send me a song to listen
a japanese song about a story
and it's sad...

today will end moodily..

Friday, 16 October 2009

highlights of the week

after school, i went to driving school for car theory course. it was quite bored, actually, except for the photos of car accidents. there were photos of beheaded man with blood everywhere, of people trapped inside the flatten car or of a man with only half his head and brain and blood everywhere. one word to describe this, 'disgusting' but i was okay with the pictures, they didn't give me mush impact. well, after that, we were taken out to learn about what to do when you first got in to a car and blah blah blah. it wasn't interesting, so i'm not gonna trouble myself for typing it out. then it ended at 6.30. i went to tuition after that and i was washed out by tiredness.
today is the day. the day that i'm actually driving the car, but it was only inside the driving school because i haven't got my learner's permit. it turned out alright, not difficult at all but was a bit tiring because kancil has a heavy steering wheel. both of my palm are extremely red after that, even until now when i'm typing this all out. there was only three things to do, the slope, the parking and tiga penjuru. my slope wasn't very good, so i'll have to work on it. by and large, i was pretty good, so the uncle said when going back home. now, i'm gonna go have my dinner, i didn't have my lunch just now as my mum was late to fetch me to the driving school, so i only had some biscuit and a sweets.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

ARGH again

School life is getting harder and harder
with exercises and state papers coming everyday.
this is frustrating..

finally, i know it's a bit late liao
i'm going to car theory this wednesday
means that i'll be very tired when i get to phy tuition at 7.

well, got to hurry up with the cv thing..

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


i realise that we only have 18 more days till graduation night.
sure we're looking forward to it, aren't' we?
please prepare enough tissue
in case you can't turn off your tap...
we must enjoy!

so, looking forward?
me too

Sunday, 4 October 2009

trial is over, results are coming!

the other night i was sooo happy about trial was over.
but then the day after that,
the first word i said when class had started was 'shoot'
the results are COMING
and the first day after exam,
we got 6, though only 2 was complete results,
which was chem and chinese
this time, we're dead.
hope the results are not too UGLY.

trial is over, SPM IS COMING.
i have to wake up and get to work.

ps felling under the weather.. argh~