Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the first week and the second week in kmpk

hi everybody! i'm in kmpk, matriculation college of gopeng, perak now
the first week was the orientation week.
before i came in, i was wondering what the hell they orientate for the whole week?
well, there were alot of activities
5 ex-pcghs came in,
me, karkar, aiyin, shanling and wendy
i'm glad i have them here
we're having alot of fun
though abit busy because the classes have all started

about the first week in kmpk
alot of activities were held in the hall
and let me tell you
the hall is damn hat
and we have 2018-not sure about the figure, but i think it's around that-new students
and we had to squeezed in the hall, just like thousands of sardines in a gigantic tin, haha
honestly, it was very hot, the heat made everything seemed boring and tiring
this made us miss penghua's hall so much
air-coned, well-organised, comfortable, big!
but luckily, we live!
and the food here is great, if you like curry and spicy food
though the food have lots of calorie but we won't get fat in here because we have to walk to lecture halls, tutorial rooms, labs and blah blah blah.
all the calories taken in will be used when walking so, no worries of getting fat. x)
and my dorm
hehe, it's very nice
there's a tv room, so i guess i won't be so out of world at all, at least i can watch drama, shows, movies and news. xD
my room mates are 3 malays, 4 people a room. they're nice.
i've adapted to the life at here. x)

saturday and suinday were sports and gaming between the dorms
i went for the basketball!!! x)
because i love basketball, obviously
but sadly, our block lost! T.T
because there was a state player in our opponent
she's a good player but proud
she told her team to play rough..
and they all blocked our way, she did her one-man-show
so in the end, we lost
in another game with another block, we lost again.
this time, there were also a great player,but she is very friendly, she came to shake hands with all of us and said sorry.
that was nice of her, i like her attitude, unlike the other player.
shame that we lost, but nevermind, the main purpose of the games were to get to know more people.
but i will work hard. going to play basketball with new made friends this friday, if there isn't raining and if we can borrow the ball
so, cheers!!

and about the class
in the end of the first day, we had many homework, i still haven't finished some
i'd got physics at first, so were shanling and wendy
but in the end, we managed to change our course and we're in the same lecture!! *cheese*
so biology here we come!
and the timetable are packed
we have to rush to a lecture hall to tutorial room
we don't even have time for tea.. =(
and the library
it's nice, with air con x)
but they don't have many books like penghua
hmm, am i comparing everything here with penghua?
and now i'm onlining in the library
but sadly, this computer cannot get in facebook, i wonder why
my new made malay friends who can speak cantonese and chinese quite well-surpring, right?-have told me that we can get in facebook, blogs and youtube in here only, the other places are guarded with firewall.
at least i can get in the blogger, right?

okay then, till here today, i want to try another computer if can get in facebook and shanling is waiting for me outside. see ya! and i miss penang and friends!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

the last day

how fast time flies
i'm starting new life
i won't be online that often anymore
anything needed to be said
goodbye penang
goodbye home
goodbye family
goodbye friends
goodbye my bed
goodbye my computer

till next time

Friday, 7 May 2010

on a crossroads

on a crossroads we are
people are going in different ways
some go in clusters
some go alone
no matter which way we go
we'll still have each other on our mind
that's a promise
a start of something new
together we make our dreams, our future
bon voyage!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

4 DAYS!!

i can't believe how fast time flies
4 DAYS left in penang!
and since then i won't be online this often anymore
i promise
to all my friends
if i have the chance
i'll go online
and chat with you guys
4 DAYS!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

5 days!

lots of things to do
lots of things to pack
busyness can drive anyone crazy
that's sad
lots of things to do
lots of things to pack
in 5 DAYS!