Sunday, 31 May 2009


i find that i am easily emo these days.
maybe i am turning a very pessimistic again.
if it really became so, it would make it twice,
and maybe i would be like this forever.

i don't want to be like this.
i am not like what i am when i was 14 anymore
people change.
so maybe i've change.
but i am not sure what i am changing to.
maybe i will lost myself.

all is unsure.
and i am scared
and fell unsafe at the same time.
i am forgotten.
maybe it's because of time

hope time can bring me back to my old self
but i'm not sure if i can recognize my old self
as it has been a long time

maybe i really am forgotten...

p/s i don't really know what i am writing.
maybe that's how i fell now.

Friday, 29 May 2009


yes! holiday starts now.
and we just finished the two week long exam.
glad the we have finished all the papers.

this holiday is sure fun.
these are the thing i'm going to do in the holiday:

might go play basketball with zahomin and xinqi.
i miss basketball sooooo much.

oh, and shopping, with xinqi and xinyi, in queensbay.
hope that we can make it!! Gambade!
too bad seeman can go queensbay with me,
her holiday is packed with plans.

and Dangerous.
i'm sooo looking forward to it.
i have kahsing, sinyun in my group.
the other guy is from chunghwa.
i don't know who he is,
but me friend says he's his best friend.
anyway, all my friends,
wish me luck!!

and maybe school for wushu,
if the practice don't crash with Dangerous

enough social life.
i'm gonna need time for myself.
so, there are a few books waiting for me. XD

friends, didn't get a chance to wish you all happy holiday.
so, happy holiday to all of you!!

feeling weird..

i really think i don't belong to this world at all.
life at here is horrible and sweet at the same time.
that's the dangerous part of it.
i fell unsafe,
but there isn't a safe place or a sanctuary to hide.
i'm afraid that one day,
i'll vanish from this world,
just like that.
felling weird,
maybe i'm just being pessimistic...