Wednesday, 17 December 2008

a camp for three days and two nights

The first day: 14/12/08
WHAT??! SO EARLY IN THE MORNING!! Why do i wake up for? Aiya, i have a camp to attend. I've told myself that in this camp, i want to be more active, 'cause in the last camp in Butterworth, i wasn't high and active enough, so i decided to inprove myself this time. So, it's time to get ready, not much to do, except have a shower and check my luggage again to make sure i've bring everything.
I'm on my way to chung hua. Recieve a message from xinqi asking where i am. She's there already and i'm still on my way. Star walk is slowing me, have to change lane to go through.. I promise xinqi that i'll miss call her when i get there.
Finally, i'm here!! Xinqi's fast, runs her way to me as soon as i get down from car. She's probably waiting for me outside 'cause she doesn't want to be a light bulb.. Just joking, don't kill me, xinqi. ^^ Anyway, i sign in in the counter. There are 12 groups, each named after the 12 horoscopes. Each three groups are grouped to four: windy, watery, fire and woody. My group is pisces, which is my own horoscope, and is grouped in watery. Ok, now i've signed in, i take my file with the booklet and go into the homeroom with xinqi. Wah, so many people, i see liming and her boy. Then i sit down and flick through my booklet. And then, not much happen.
Now's the time to move our luggage to our 'room', it's actually a classroom, which is in the fourth level, so high.. Haiz, i guess i'll have to go up and down from the top floor to the ground floor again.. Anyway, i see that not many people share a classroom, and boys' room is at the opposite, in the other block.
I go back down to the homeroom with xinqi. When we get inside, i see that there are 12 boxes at the front with each group's name on it. Well, i guess it's time seperate with friends and sit with total strangers. Luckily xinqi's group's just beside me. Glad to have you. Now, i see that nobody's at the front of my group, so i sit down, at the front!! Hwafan, what're you thinking, you don't usually sit in the front of a row, especially don't in a camp where you don't know anybody. Well, i just sit down. People start to sit down. Someone named wucai stats to talk, he's kind of funny, what he says.. I'll start using senior on those ajk or dudao who i don't know his or her name.. Ok, now a senior hands me some paper. Wucai tells us to write our names big and nice so that those who has sight problem can see. [haha] Don't know what's this for, i write my name anyway, big and nice and i give it back.
And then, it's time to find our name tag. Each of us will get a name tag, but it's not ours, we'll have to find the tag's owner as soon as possible and ask five question: name, school, and three other questions.
----------------------------to be continue------------------------------