Sunday, 27 September 2009

the last day of raya holidays

today is the last day...
tomorrow will be the trial again.
my moto today is to finish as many revision as possible
and i just gave my little brother a hair cut..
so, time to work.

Friday, 25 September 2009


suddenly got mood mau watch SKY HIGH
but mana tau the DVD tak tau ke mana...
want watch pun cannot
finding it for 3 days liao still cannot find it..

Saturday, 19 September 2009

getting new pair of spectacles

thursday when i was in school, my spec suddenly broke.. i was like: oh my god! dad just warned me that it was about to broke yesterday and now it broke and i have a chemistry paper waiting for me at 11.35.. shoot.. my god... i had to do the exam without my glasses.. and everything is blur...
then yesterday morning, i went to play basketball with xhaomin and xinqi without my spec.. it was quite hard.. then after the basketball and shower at xinqi's, my dad brought me to the shop to get a new pair of spec. woohoo!!
and now... looking at the comp is also very difficult.. I MISS MY GLASSES..
later, i will have my new pair of spec on and everything i see will be clear again! YES!

Friday, 18 September 2009

basketball with zhaomin and xinqi

very early in the morning,
i went to a padang near pantai jerejak and play basketball with xinqi and zhaomin..
it was fun and i haven't exercised for over a month already,
though we couldn't manage to play match..

next time ba
when we all can play during p.e.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

two hectic weeks

two hectic weeks..

i can only use this to describe my weeks..
the paper were so hard..

now came the raya holiday!
though i still have 4 more days to go for my trial exam..
but i can use this holidays to revise and rest.


wish us luck ba..

Sunday, 6 September 2009

wushu anniversary and librarians' anniversary

wushu anniversary 29/8/09

i arrived at exactly 8.30am. then we started waiting for the station game to start after we sign in. while we were waiting, chiuyeng was very naughty, she went taking pfotos of people, some were without the knowing of people.. then, the game started. xinqi was the leader. there were 6 stations all together. each game was fun but i like the vollybaloon the best. haha. then the game ended. time to have lunch. chichen chop was what we ate, it was not bad. then came the cake, CHOCOLATE cake! my favourate! haha. i was so full when i went home. that was a great day. haha. and oh yea, each committee got a present from her junior, and our team won the game. so, every one in my team received two presents! wow! haha. now let's let the photos talk.

she didn't want to take photo

she doesn't know it.

fumming didn't want her face in this photo.

chiuyeng succeed to take fumming's photo this time after the failure in the last photo.

xinqi and me, and again, fumming didn't want to show her face.

this was the second game, we put every thing we had to form a long line.

we were loonking at the given tongue twister, fumming did it in the end.

this was our last game in the canteen.

we took photo with teachers.

the cake!
now it's the photos of some crazies.





first shot

secand shot

librarians' anniversary

at 9am, i arrived at the canteen, many form 5 were there already. then at 9.30, the show started. well, i'm abit lazy to type it all out. it was fun, the shows were good. so, basically, i had a great time. i not very happy at the moment because i formatted my pendrive and you know what happened after that.. so, i'll keep this short and nice. really, i like it very much. we had fun, we got to see the amazing items, we got presents and we got food.. since i lost all the stuff in my pendrive, i don't have much photos.

jiamein and xinyi

cake cutting ceremony