Wednesday, 30 December 2009


it's funny to see people going to school when you've already graduated
for instance, seeing my brother going to standard one next year
and my sister going for form one next year
well, i can't say that i'm not happy for them to finally 'grow up'
but a part of wicked me pity them
because their worst nightmare has only just begun when mine was long ended
not that long, actually..
well, bon voyage, my dear siblings

Saturday, 26 December 2009

dangerous 2 - survivalism at taman negara penang

that's the best camp that i've ever entered.
now, listen to my short story

1st day
i went jungle tracking to pantai keracut.
although it tiring, it was quite fun when you did it with friends
after that we set up our tent for the night
then there was the telematch.
what i can say is it is fun.
and the game was like brand new to me.
after the game, we cooked. =.=
tomyam was what we had as dinner, it was quite good, though.
then the night club.
that's what every group had their two performances.
we didn't play till midnight due to some interruption from the guard.. urgh
but, we did have a chance to sit around as a small group to chat.

2nd day
after breakfast, we went to jungle tracking again
but this time, we went to the other camp side.
i forgot the name of the place..
we had a mystery solving plus cooking competition sort of game.
and the first time since i know how to cook,
i cooked for 16 people with my friend aka my partner in this com, kailin
well, it came out not bad.
after lunch, we had boat riding back to our camp side
this is the coolest part and the fun part about time camp
we enjoyed the sea..
but in the end, we got ourselves wet. the sea water was forever splashing our face.
back. we had another fun telematch, but it was shorter than yesterday.
we were exhausted when we had our shower.
then we BBQ!^^
i don't need to elaborate here, right?
then grouping and discussion..
oh, and then we went to look at the stars.
as we lay down on the sand, we can see the sky was full with stars.
marvellous. aw-inspiring. unforgettable.
we were reluctant to leave when the time for us to leave came.
at night, we can't go to sleep. in the end, we played card game and chat and i went to sleep at 4am..

3rd day, the last day
we became the spectators for the last game to choose the one and only survival!
that was quite exciting..
then after lunch, another boat ride and we're home.
you don't need to be told to know the boat ride was damn fun.
the only thing you need to know is, many people were like having a shower without mopping themselves dry afterward. i was lucky, i only got my hair wet. again.

that was what happened in three days. i was exhausted and even fall into a deep sleep on the way home..

Sunday, 20 December 2009

just a few things to say

due to shortness in time, i'm going to keep this short and simple

1) finally i have finished my SPM. woohoo, now i have the time to relax and figure out what i'm going to do in future.

2) finally i got my car license. but, i can't drive the car alone yet. Yet, it'll be soon. i guess..

3) i'm facing the biggest challenge tomorrow. camping. hear this well. CAMPING. as in real life camping. wish me luck. and pray for me. *smirk*

Monday, 2 November 2009

maybe this would be the last post before the major exam

i'll keep this nice and short

graduated last last saturday
and i had a great time together with lots of friends
and shed some tears when hugging friends..


two more weeks
imagine this
two more
only one sentence pops into my head everyday i wake up
spm is coming by rocket
got to concentrate

so i decided that this would be the last post
and after the freaky major exam,
i can enjoy doing whatever i want

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

servant of evil

although the world is against you
i'll still stand beside you
because i'm your brother
your twins
if you're evil
then i'm evil too
because we flow the same blood..

it's a nice song

Sunday, 18 October 2009

it'll be pretty soon

graduation is coming
i'm a bit down
we'll be going apart..
won't be able to see friends that often anymore
sometimes this make me refuse to face the truth
refuse to grow up
but that's what growing up are about

and junhui just send me a song to listen
a japanese song about a story
and it's sad...

today will end moodily..

Friday, 16 October 2009

highlights of the week

after school, i went to driving school for car theory course. it was quite bored, actually, except for the photos of car accidents. there were photos of beheaded man with blood everywhere, of people trapped inside the flatten car or of a man with only half his head and brain and blood everywhere. one word to describe this, 'disgusting' but i was okay with the pictures, they didn't give me mush impact. well, after that, we were taken out to learn about what to do when you first got in to a car and blah blah blah. it wasn't interesting, so i'm not gonna trouble myself for typing it out. then it ended at 6.30. i went to tuition after that and i was washed out by tiredness.
today is the day. the day that i'm actually driving the car, but it was only inside the driving school because i haven't got my learner's permit. it turned out alright, not difficult at all but was a bit tiring because kancil has a heavy steering wheel. both of my palm are extremely red after that, even until now when i'm typing this all out. there was only three things to do, the slope, the parking and tiga penjuru. my slope wasn't very good, so i'll have to work on it. by and large, i was pretty good, so the uncle said when going back home. now, i'm gonna go have my dinner, i didn't have my lunch just now as my mum was late to fetch me to the driving school, so i only had some biscuit and a sweets.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

ARGH again

School life is getting harder and harder
with exercises and state papers coming everyday.
this is frustrating..

finally, i know it's a bit late liao
i'm going to car theory this wednesday
means that i'll be very tired when i get to phy tuition at 7.

well, got to hurry up with the cv thing..

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


i realise that we only have 18 more days till graduation night.
sure we're looking forward to it, aren't' we?
please prepare enough tissue
in case you can't turn off your tap...
we must enjoy!

so, looking forward?
me too

Sunday, 4 October 2009

trial is over, results are coming!

the other night i was sooo happy about trial was over.
but then the day after that,
the first word i said when class had started was 'shoot'
the results are COMING
and the first day after exam,
we got 6, though only 2 was complete results,
which was chem and chinese
this time, we're dead.
hope the results are not too UGLY.

trial is over, SPM IS COMING.
i have to wake up and get to work.

ps felling under the weather.. argh~

Sunday, 27 September 2009

the last day of raya holidays

today is the last day...
tomorrow will be the trial again.
my moto today is to finish as many revision as possible
and i just gave my little brother a hair cut..
so, time to work.

Friday, 25 September 2009


suddenly got mood mau watch SKY HIGH
but mana tau the DVD tak tau ke mana...
want watch pun cannot
finding it for 3 days liao still cannot find it..

Saturday, 19 September 2009

getting new pair of spectacles

thursday when i was in school, my spec suddenly broke.. i was like: oh my god! dad just warned me that it was about to broke yesterday and now it broke and i have a chemistry paper waiting for me at 11.35.. shoot.. my god... i had to do the exam without my glasses.. and everything is blur...
then yesterday morning, i went to play basketball with xhaomin and xinqi without my spec.. it was quite hard.. then after the basketball and shower at xinqi's, my dad brought me to the shop to get a new pair of spec. woohoo!!
and now... looking at the comp is also very difficult.. I MISS MY GLASSES..
later, i will have my new pair of spec on and everything i see will be clear again! YES!

Friday, 18 September 2009

basketball with zhaomin and xinqi

very early in the morning,
i went to a padang near pantai jerejak and play basketball with xinqi and zhaomin..
it was fun and i haven't exercised for over a month already,
though we couldn't manage to play match..

next time ba
when we all can play during p.e.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

two hectic weeks

two hectic weeks..

i can only use this to describe my weeks..
the paper were so hard..

now came the raya holiday!
though i still have 4 more days to go for my trial exam..
but i can use this holidays to revise and rest.


wish us luck ba..

Sunday, 6 September 2009

wushu anniversary and librarians' anniversary

wushu anniversary 29/8/09

i arrived at exactly 8.30am. then we started waiting for the station game to start after we sign in. while we were waiting, chiuyeng was very naughty, she went taking pfotos of people, some were without the knowing of people.. then, the game started. xinqi was the leader. there were 6 stations all together. each game was fun but i like the vollybaloon the best. haha. then the game ended. time to have lunch. chichen chop was what we ate, it was not bad. then came the cake, CHOCOLATE cake! my favourate! haha. i was so full when i went home. that was a great day. haha. and oh yea, each committee got a present from her junior, and our team won the game. so, every one in my team received two presents! wow! haha. now let's let the photos talk.

she didn't want to take photo

she doesn't know it.

fumming didn't want her face in this photo.

chiuyeng succeed to take fumming's photo this time after the failure in the last photo.

xinqi and me, and again, fumming didn't want to show her face.

this was the second game, we put every thing we had to form a long line.

we were loonking at the given tongue twister, fumming did it in the end.

this was our last game in the canteen.

we took photo with teachers.

the cake!
now it's the photos of some crazies.





first shot

secand shot

librarians' anniversary

at 9am, i arrived at the canteen, many form 5 were there already. then at 9.30, the show started. well, i'm abit lazy to type it all out. it was fun, the shows were good. so, basically, i had a great time. i not very happy at the moment because i formatted my pendrive and you know what happened after that.. so, i'll keep this short and nice. really, i like it very much. we had fun, we got to see the amazing items, we got presents and we got food.. since i lost all the stuff in my pendrive, i don't have much photos.

jiamein and xinyi

cake cutting ceremony

Thursday, 27 August 2009

tagged again

01. Who was your last text from? sl
02. Where was your default picture taken?i forgot
03. Your relationship status? single
04. Have you ever lost a close friend? yes
05. What is your current mood? neutral
06. How many siblings do you have? a sister and a brother
07. Whats your brother(s)/sister(s) names? i guess i don't have to mention again. you'd know if you know me.
08. Where do you wish you were right now? any place that don't have exams
09. Have a crazy side? yup
10. Ever had a near death experience? yea, when i was an infant when there was a car accident
11. Something you do a lot? sleep
12. Angry at anyone? no, not at this moment
13. What's stopping you from going for the person you like? i don't know
14. When was the last time you cried? forgotten
15. Is there anyone you would do anything for? don't know
16. What you think about when you are falling asleep? dreaming
17. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? someone from the saloon
18. What is your favorite song? currently taylor swift's song
19. What are you doing right now? replying this tagged. =.=''
20. Who do you trust right now? i can't tell you.
21. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? already forgetten
22. Have you kissed someone in the past week? of course no lah!!!
23. Who is your best friend that lives closest to you? of course is seeman
24. Describe your life in one word? typical
25. Who are you thinking of right now? nobody
26. What should you be doing right now? doing add math homework which are given ages ago
27. What are you listening to? 'fearless'
28. Who was the last person who gave you a hug? wanying gua
29. Who was the last person who yelled at you? my mum, or was it my dad?
30. Do you act differently around the person you like? no gua
31. What is your natural hair color? my sis says it's brownish black. but what's the difference between black and brownish black?
32. Who was the last person to make you laugh? szeling, yesterday during physics tuition
33. Who was the last person to make you sad? secret
34. What do you hear? huh?
35.Is your hair curly or straight? a bit curly
36. Has anyone ever called you "scrumptious" before? no.
37. Do you have a best friend? yes
38. Held hands with the opposite sex in the past 3 days? yes, my little brother. haha
39. Do you use smiley faces on the computer? sometimes
40. Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle? yes, that time, i was in a rush
41. Are you happy with life right now? not really
42. Are you currently jealous? no
43. What jewelry are you currently wearing? nothing
44. What were you doing on Friday night? watching tv gua
45. Have you ever had your heart broken? ya gua
46. Have you ever broken someone's heart? not sure
47. Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? yes...
48. What was the last reason you went to the doctor for? having a flu or fever... 4th of ogos gua
49. How late did you stay up last night and why? 2am, stupid addmath, but i did read a page or two of my novel before i fall asleep..
50. Have you ever dated someone longer than a year? never been dated

tagged :


遊戲規則:被點名的人在我空間將這篇文章轉載到自己空間中,然後在編輯, 刪去我的答案,要在自己的Q空間裡寫下自己的答案,然後傳給其他人, 列出個需要回答問題的人的名字,通知對方被點名了, 被點名者不得拒絕回答問題,完成遊戲的人將會永遠得到大家的祝福。這個人要在自己的Q空間裡註明是從哪裡接到問題的, 並且再想一個題目傳給其他個人,讓幸福的遊戲繼續下去。不能回傳,否則犯規!被點到名字的人將得到大家的祝福,並且所有的美麗願望都會在不久後實現。請點10個朋友,不准不點,點完後請通知那10個老朋友他們被點!


Q01、你的大名?★ HwaFan
Q02、你認為什麼才算是真正幸福? ★ happy always, but then i know this would be impossible, wouldn't it?
Q03、你們覺得友情重要還是愛情重要,為什麼? ★ friends, because you can't always look for another best friend
Q04、你相信天長地久嗎? ★ hmm, not really
Q06、你現在過得快樂麼? ★ except for exams, i'll quite happy, really
Q07、如果有秘密,你真的會做到坦白的告訴對方嗎? ★it won't be a secret anymore if you tell anyone, will it?
Q08、喜歡小Baby嗎? ★ definately, they're always so cure and angelic
Q09、覺得友情是永遠的麼? ★ i don't really think so
Q10、希望自己多大結婚? ★ no idea
Q11、你會為他做自己從來不會做的事情? ★ it depends
Q12、你覺得女生捲髮好還是直發好? ★ again, it depends
Q13、最想去哪裡旅遊? ★ Barcelona!
Q14、一輩子都不會忘記的事? ★ too many
Q15、如果愛一個人,是不是要拼命挽回他? ★ erm, depends on the situation
Q16、看到天空你想起的第一個人是誰? ★ i think of bluey sea..
Q17、你會愛他一輩子麼? ★ erm.. i don't know
Q18、喜歡你的人和你喜歡的人,你會選哪個? ★ the one like me gua.. i honestly don't know
Q19、你會以何種方式表現你對他(她)的愛? ★ haha, i don't know
Q20、如果看到自己最愛的人熟睡在你面前你會做什麼?抱著他?★ do nothing. you wouldn't want to wake that person up, would you?
Q21、如果你想痛扁一個人,你希望那個人是? ★ i don't really want to beat someone, so i can't think of anybody..
Q22、你會後悔過自己的決定嗎? ★ sometimes
Q23、現在最迷什麼? ★ i don't know.. maybe taylor swift's songs
Q24、你是好孩子嗎? ★ i guess so
Q25、覺得愛情和麵包哪個重要? ★ both
Q26、如果你失戀了你會怎麼樣? ★ i don't know..
Q27、如果你的BF(GF)經常不回家的話,你會怎樣? ★ i don't know
Q28、现在给你勇气,你最想做些什么事? ★ bagpack travel

01、是誰傳給你這份問卷的? ★ wanying
02、你們認識多久呢? ★ 4 years
03、TA對你來說重要嗎? ★ ya
04、你與TA的關係是? ★ pals
05、請問TA的興趣是? ★ not so sure..
06、你覺得TA的個性如何? ★ a good person, helpful, good lister
07、TA在你心目中是幾分? ★ i don't grade my friends
08、睡覺前第一件事?開風扇?喝水? ★ pull my blanket up to my chin
09、你的偶像? ★ s.h.e gua
10、你喜歡的季節? ★ autumn, winter and summer
11、你打工麼? ★ currently, i'm still a student
12、打工次數? ★ -
13、你想去的國家? ★ spain
14、你討厭什麼樣的個性? ★ faker
15、你會抽煙麼? ★ never
16、你會喝酒麼? ★ does shandy count???
17、你常哭麼? ★ sometimes, but not frequently
18、你常笑麼? ★ yes!
19、你喜歡去哪玩? ★ beach
20、去玩時喜歡自己一個人去麼? ★ sometimes
21、是假日時你都睡到幾點? ★ till 11
22、今天的天氣是? ★ rainy
53、你們知道最遠的距離是什麽嗎? ★ ???

54、我的BGM好听么? ★ i don't have one
55、你的皮包里有什么说说吧 ★ money, calender, id card...
56、你生命中最重要的人是? ★ i don't know
57、啥东西是你喜欢吃的呀? ★ ice cream, chocolate, spaghetti..
58、现在有喜欢的人吗? ★ no gua
59、你還喜歡他(她)嗎? ★ -
60、你觉得我坏吗? ★ ???
61. How do you classify whether you understand a person or not? ★ i don't know
62. 常常装傻吗? ★ sometimes..

Sunday, 9 August 2009

i'm tired

i just came back from the Penang Peace Run
a tired work, but awesome to do with friends
it was 6km long
i walked with huichin
we asked xinqi to go first because we knew we couldn't run the whole time
instead, both of us ended walking till the end.
and, we even went to 7 eleven to buy chocolate and 100plus

i am physically and mentally tired.
and i feel under the weather now.
i guess i must need some rest.
but T.T
i have tuition about an hour later..

see ya

Saturday, 25 July 2009


i've done editing the layout..
i was going to put photos in the blog title box
but couldn't do like what my friend did..
next time ask her teach me liao ka put..


i'm going to watch HARRY POTTER 6 on SUNDAY at queensbay!!
with xinqi, wanyee and szeyun
i'm excited although my friends already told me not very good nia

see ya
sleep time..

Friday, 24 July 2009

what i did from last saturday to today

went to school concert after british council..
so i missed the debate, too bad
the concert was great and interesting

stayed back in school for basketball match
match: yellow vs red, yellow won; green vs blue, green won
i'm yellow, so we won!

account class..
semi-final for basketball..
match: green vs purple, green won..
they played rough!
that meant we had a hard game for wednesday

stayed back for basketball final.
match: green vs yellow
they really played rough..
and of course
we didn't except to win at first
we just wanted to do our best
because win or not was not a thing that we worried
conclusion: we didn't win, we're the second no matter how hard we played..
don't worry, although green is the winner but we are better.
better than last year and we're the best.
we rock!

nothing more happened
except at tuition, actually it was before tuition
seeman cooked spaghetti for me with sausages!
that was the best spaghetti that i have ever tested!

an important day
i have duty and ceramah at the same time after school..
let's say what happened before school ended..
but not our class and s5e
because we were in the labs..
that was close and we were very lucky!

that was what that have happened..

the end

Saturday, 18 July 2009

going to school concert

i'm going to our school concert
for the first time of my life

i'll tell you when i'm back

oh yea
ans bon odori
i can't go
but i really wanted to
because i am going to the concert instead


Monday, 29 June 2009

a surprise for a friend

last night
i helped my friend think of a surprise for my other friend
i gave her ideas
i sent her map
i told her what time to call to ask

not long after
two brains managed to think of a surprise in the end

you want to know?
wait for tomorrow la

at first, the whole thing is going to be them both
but since i don't have rumah sukan tomorrow
my friend asked me to join her with the surprise
and this, i'm sure, will make the surprise even greater and unbelievable

so, stay tune
you'll see it!

"la petite mort" - 2.00pm

"la petite mort"

i found this in a book i am reading
in the book
it says that this is French
which means
a feeling that part of you has died

i think this suits on me
i part of me really has died
jinghan noticed
and wanying knew

i found out this when i was doing a mental test in jinghan's class
the answer that i got in the end
is that if people who are important in my life leave
a part of me will die..

i think this is kinda true

but maybe now that part of me have come back to life.
who knows?


Sunday, 28 June 2009

rainy night

the sky is thundering..
just like last friday
which i was alone waiting for mum at the cafe
and the sky was raining with the company of strong wind and loud thunder
i was a bit scared..

just like in the morning, the rain is heavy after the striking thunder
the rain is heavy, but short
unlike in the morning which was very long
and it made me comfy
i slept in till 9.30am

this is not my main point, actually

all i want to say is
rainy day makes me down
it makes me stop and think
it makes me comfy and sleepy

i like rainy day with clouds, thunders and wind
although it sometimes makes me scared
and i like sunny day
with clear blue sky, beautiful sea and little clouds
just like a mid summer day, which was the hottest of summer day

rainy day and sunny day
one of the strongest contrasts..
just like black and white
i like both
maybe this show that deep down
i have two completely different personalities..
i don't really understand
but maybe that's me
this is the simplest conclusion i can get..


today is the replacement school day for the whole Malaysia
but we are the luckiest, both we students and the teachers.
guess why?
because we're celebrating teachers' day today at school
no lessons for us
and no teaching for teacher..
that's the most interesting and exciting things one can do on a replacement day

at school after attendances are taken
all students are off to the hall for the penyampaian hadiah and the first part of the celebration..
the penyampaian hadiah is quite boring..
however, all of us give moral supports..
me and karkar do clap our hand..
the only thing that is special is parents are invite to give out the cert for their daugthers who have got the first third place in studying..
this is actually quite touching..

then is the first part of the celebrating..
a formal one..
include giving speech, teachers singing a song about teachers' sacred job and cake-ing time..

then comes the an hour long recess time..
the canteen is so packed with students that we can't even find a seat
in the end, we eat faster than normal and go back to our class
at there, we help to sort out the flowers and the homemade cake by junhui for the teachers that are teaching us and was teaching us..
after that we head for the stuff room..
the teachers' reaction is very sweet..
this make me like them more..
and we take a few photos with teachers and friends that i see during the trip to the stuff room..

time for us to go back to the hall for the second part of the celebration
which is the performance by students..
the performance is great
the are singing, drama, poetry, orchestra china, harmonica dance and many more
also there are video by pusat sumber..
love it, so damn funny!! haha

after this, teachers are having buffet in the hall
so, all students go back to class and is then guarded by prefects
and we take more photos..

what a day!
this will be the best teachers' day ever for the teachers and the students to enjoy.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

it has been exactly two years

all seems like yesterday
although it was exactly two years that it happened

from that moment exactly two years before
i knew that my life
our life
is not going to be the same again
even if all went well in the end
it will still never be the same..
just the four of us..
what a time we had..

two years since
i can only tell you that everything is different
and trust me, even tragic, sarcastic and ironic..
this is what that happened afterwards

maybe i am being overreacted
or oversensitive

but think carefully and clearly
who could cope all the pressure when someone you've known for such a long time
and been beside you for so long in all the sweet and sour
just couldn't stay with you anymore?
who could adapt herself when suddenly there is one person less in your life around you?
i bet there are a lot of people out there who could
but i couldn't
the shock was too great to cope with

four left three
that was what happened at here
life goes on
sometimes it looks the same
sometimes it doesn't

nobody is going to be exactly the same
in fact
i bet not many people can remember this date
not many can
and not many will


Monday, 22 June 2009

moderate day except for p.e. lesson

my title has told you what you need to know about my day.
it's just moderate.
nothing much happened..

there is one thins, actually..
my P.E. lesson..
played basketball, my favourite, after all the exams and holidays.

playing with old friends is a fun thing to do.
the game was really excited
and many funny incidents today.
so, we were laughing while playing..
this was quite impossible,
but we did it..
so, we're superhuman..

let me tell you another thing..
i'm writing this because xinQi kept asking me to..
i've done my post.
where's yours??


oh yeah, and biology lesson.
it was boring in a way.
not because of the subject,
but the teacher..
her sleeping charm is one of the strongest i can get in all the teachers that teach us.
and moreover
it was raining heavily.
so, this made the situation worst.

everyone were very sleepy at that time.
i wasn't very sleepy
not because of the teacher's sleeping charm didn't have any effect on me,
in fact, it had.
but i was sort of hyperactive that i kept annoying xinqi and junhui...

well i think this is enough for today, right? xinqi
now i can have my dinner..

see ya

Sunday, 21 June 2009

fathers' day and mum's birthday

wow. i almost forgot to mention this..

two great things in one day

fathers' day and mum's birthday.

dad, happy fathers' day..

mum, happy birthday..

this is not all..

xiaomei and yeewuan, happy birthday to you guys too..


new day, new life

tomorrow is the starting of another day.

forget about the terrible and horrible results.

i swear that i'm going to put effort into revision.

new day, new life, a new starting.

the big day's coming, though..



Monday, 15 June 2009


xinqi just sent me some photos..
not photos taken recently, but old one, taken last or a few years back..
these photos bring back memory..
it's as if that was just yesterday that they happened,
fresh and unforgetting..
now, let the photos talk..

this was taken when we gathered at xinqi's before went to her aunt's for badminton and basketball 2 years before.. all was good.. we looked good, and happy.. good time we had.. i'm missing it...

this was taken before shuli left to Australia nearly 2 years before.. we were smiling in this picture. but not long after this photo was captured, we looked the opposite as we were in the photo.. a wet memory, this is what it was.. this was the starting of change.. all is well.. hope so.. ^^

same event, at the airport.. the air-conditioning was cold.. but what was happenning to all of us that was nothing but unsure was even colder.. everything was going to be well, that's what we agreed. and i'm still hoping everything really is going to be well.. ^^

half a year before, we went to xinqi's house again. we were just spending some time together, and clearly, we're still waiting.. but that was fun, really fun.. had great time when we were together.. ^^

after seeing all this photos, i realise one thing. i'm dead regret that we hadn't taken more photos.. which is the saddest part.. photos are one way to keep in all the memories that might fade and fly away with wind and get carried away and never will you catch up and grab them firm and safe again in your hand. i just wish that we can have more time to spend time together, and take lots of photos for memory.. all is well..

school reopened....

today is the first day of school after the two week long holiday..
i am happy to meet up with friends again
go to jinghan's class to chat with jinghan, kahsing and sinyun first.. haha
and then when going back to class, see xinqi coming out from class..
haha. we're so excited...
then see szeling, go up with her to see wanying..
haha. i'm a bit high.. until...

hell! we're getting our results today...
i don't want to say anything about results..
too upset..

apart from the bad part when resalts are given out
today is actually a very great day
and happy day.
i laugh through the whole day with friends..

goodluck to everyone.. ^^

Friday, 12 June 2009

Dangerous!! 9/6/09

i've waited this day since i got the registration form. the game is sooo cool, and i know it's going to be fun for sure. the night before the big game, i started packing all the things that are needed.. quite a lot of things.

i arrive at exactly 7.30 and found sinyun waiting for me at the pondok at the gate. we talked with the other two girls who are same group with us. ( hate them, i'll tell you why later ). waiting for kahsing to arrive. when she arrived, we all, eight people, go to sign up and then sit at the padang. me, kahsing and sinyun chat. kahsing starts to introduce herself in a very typical Leo way. and this is when she found out that the two other girls have problem with us..

since we are two groups combined together, so, we need to get a new leader.. i ask, the boys say no comment. fine. i ask the two girls, one of them is the leader for the other group. and she said chingcai. fine then. everyone is acting very not sporting. so, i say: fine, i'll be the leader.. what an unsporting group. we three, me, kahsing and sinyun head to the loo, and discuss what happened..
those two girls really have problems with us, especially kahsing.

the dj announces for every participants to sit in the front. the game is nearly started. not. some speeches, rules, and warming up. and then then mini game before the big game starts.. we got the answer quite fast, thanks to our mr. riddle cracker, and after drawing the map, we head for the counter to take our first clue and food...

i want to skip the details. the stations and clue-finding are fun and exciting. the only part that is not fun is waiting for that two girls for nearly 2 hours... what a time-waster!! in the end, we can't finish the game and hence, cannot get into final.. many thanks to you two! everybody in the group is so pissed!

oh. and i want to say thanks to pcghs's ex-students. thanks for helping us to kaotim the girls, by your helping, at least we finish half the game.. haha

well. it's a bit disappointing not to get into the final. anyway, it's really fun and a good experience.. but tiring. my whole body sores..

next year, i'm going to enter the game again!!

me, kahsing and sinyun. faces drawn.. haha

our team..

funny make up..

Sunday, 7 June 2009

it's sunday..

last two days' weather was sooo good..
the sky was forget-me-not.
the clouds were snowy white.
they matched sooo perfectly that the sky looked even bluer and the clouds looked even shiner..

the sea..
it reflects the perfect blue and the cleariness of the sky..
i noticed that day that the sea showed 4 different blues.
the lighter blue..
the darker blue..
and the greenish-blue, which is the most beautiful: turquoise..

the sea is soo awe-inspiring that i always wanted to jump into it and swim..
although i don't know how to..

i always have a dream that
one day
i'd live in a summerhouse by sea.
maybe even a boat
i'll always have the sunshine..

Friday, 5 June 2009

a day in queensbay to have the time of our life


i'm sooo excited. we're going to queensbay again. just me, xinqi and xinyi having some quality time together after the frustrating exams. hwafan, you should stop talking about exam and focus to our topic today, an outing to queensbay. seriously, the last time we hang out in qb was ages ago, to be exact, last year december. maybe i am wrong about the last time we went to qb. whatever, now is the most important thing.

anyway, i am supposed to arrive at qb earlier than 11.30. but thanks to my dad, who refuses to leave the house unless he has his shower and my was-sick-brother, which my mum has to tag along to buy him medicine. so, in the end, i arrive an hour late, that's my worst record.

arriving there, i call xinqi to ask where they are. they're at kimgary, looks like we'll be having our lunch at there. oh by the way, i was thinking of giving up my lunch since i am late and might no catch lunch with them, but in the end, both of them haven't eaten, so my lunch is safe.

well, when i found them, they are queueing to get our seats. there are so many people at kimgary at lunch time. after some time, our turn comes. after taking our seats, we take our order. we chat as we wait for our food to come. that was fun.. haha. well, we talk even as we have our lunch. the food is yummy.. haha. in the end, both xinyi and xinqi are sooo full that i go to pay the bill while waiting for them to finish up their dish.. haiyo.. and, during lunch, we have a good laugh and ehemm, they peli me. but nevermind, i've also peli you guys. muahaha....

after lunch, we stroll along the shops. hehe. the main reason for this walk is to let them both digest their too full tummy before sitting in the cinema watching the movie.. i'm not very full, so i enjoy the walk.. haha

since both xinqi and xinyi are full, we don't buy popcorns anymore. i fear that if i buy popcorns, they will explode due to over-eaten. hehe. we watch 'Night At The Musuem 2'. the movie is very funny, and again, we have a good laugh. ohh, 'Ice Age 3' is coming soon, it'll be very damn funny. haha. oh yea, when we enter, xinyi asks for a few times if we're sure we don't want popcorns.. hmm, maybe all along, she wants the popcorns.. haha
after movie, it's ice-cream time!! yum yum! we buy baskin robbins, two junior for xinqi and xinyi, a regular for me. yum yum. we walk over to the sea side.. the weather is awesome! we have fun chating while enjoying the scene.. haha. i capture some photos..

time passes like arrow.. 5.30pm is here. before that, we went to forever 21 and vince.. xinyi's the one who leaves first. then left xinqi and me. oh yea, we saw alison! and a baby knocks his head because he doesn't see the glass. poor little baby. becareful!!

then xinqi also leaves. left me. haha. i go home by taking rapid, waited for a long time until the bus came. haha. that's the end of story. here comes the photos!
my plan was to secretly snap a photo of them both when i offered to throw the ice-cream container for us. but my plane failed, they looked behind, maybe i wasn't quick enough. next time, i'll remember to act fast!

this was after they found out that i was photo capturing them, but i managed to take this photo without their knowing. and i like this photo and even named it 'having the time of life'. the photo looks very peaceful, with the sea, the sky, the rocks and the cloud.

xinqi took this photo, saying that this looked emo. but i don't think so. i was just looking at the beautiful sea. hehe.

they asked me to take this photo, they said: we want a photo bigger that the last one. and xinyi also said: can i don't want the rocks. and i said, rock in an important element in our lfe.. haha

me and xinqi wandered off down near the sea. xinyi was scared, so she refused to come down with us. so, we handed her our bags. haha, bully her again. when looking up towards her. we saw this. this is awesome. haha, she looked like she has conquered the world. so i named this photo 'xinyi the conqueror' haha.

Sunday, 31 May 2009


i find that i am easily emo these days.
maybe i am turning a very pessimistic again.
if it really became so, it would make it twice,
and maybe i would be like this forever.

i don't want to be like this.
i am not like what i am when i was 14 anymore
people change.
so maybe i've change.
but i am not sure what i am changing to.
maybe i will lost myself.

all is unsure.
and i am scared
and fell unsafe at the same time.
i am forgotten.
maybe it's because of time

hope time can bring me back to my old self
but i'm not sure if i can recognize my old self
as it has been a long time

maybe i really am forgotten...

p/s i don't really know what i am writing.
maybe that's how i fell now.

Friday, 29 May 2009


yes! holiday starts now.
and we just finished the two week long exam.
glad the we have finished all the papers.

this holiday is sure fun.
these are the thing i'm going to do in the holiday:

might go play basketball with zahomin and xinqi.
i miss basketball sooooo much.

oh, and shopping, with xinqi and xinyi, in queensbay.
hope that we can make it!! Gambade!
too bad seeman can go queensbay with me,
her holiday is packed with plans.

and Dangerous.
i'm sooo looking forward to it.
i have kahsing, sinyun in my group.
the other guy is from chunghwa.
i don't know who he is,
but me friend says he's his best friend.
anyway, all my friends,
wish me luck!!

and maybe school for wushu,
if the practice don't crash with Dangerous

enough social life.
i'm gonna need time for myself.
so, there are a few books waiting for me. XD

friends, didn't get a chance to wish you all happy holiday.
so, happy holiday to all of you!!

feeling weird..

i really think i don't belong to this world at all.
life at here is horrible and sweet at the same time.
that's the dangerous part of it.
i fell unsafe,
but there isn't a safe place or a sanctuary to hide.
i'm afraid that one day,
i'll vanish from this world,
just like that.
felling weird,
maybe i'm just being pessimistic...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


yo!! OUTING of librarian!!
i was soooo excited. the time of the year.
although i had to wake up so damn early in the morning at 5 am. but it was worth it, because it was very very fun!!

6.45am - arrived at school in T and shorts, went to pull the blockers like usual.. then i saw ming li!! she came, to vist us!! i miss her, the best part was she helped me to pull those heavy blockers.. haha.. went to loo..

7.00am - friends from wushu started to arrive. chit-chat for a bit..

7.15am - around this time, xinQi came, in shorts that was shorter than mine.. XP saw yiming leaving for the kebersihan thingy..

7.30am - members of wushu are making the place packed.. decided to go help out with yiming with kebersihan.. this time we didn't have to do the cleaning ourselves, because all the four blooms were taken.. yipii!! the floor was quite clean..

7.45am - back from the cleaning, went up to the store to keep the blooms and dustpan. xinyi was here. we sat then chat..

8.00am - yeah. time to go to the outing!! arrived at the canteen. the f4 LGs were so sistematic, they even arranged our groups and put signs to indicate where all the groups member were suppose to sit.. cool.. were waiting for our group members to arrive.
8.30am - geik got into our group and jiamein will only be arrived later.
the game had started. walao, the clues the LGs did was like IQ test, so dificult. we went to bilik bacaan first, not really in the bilik, but outside it. in the game, we needed to memorise the things the statements said, and their sequence, then use the cards collected to list them in the correct order. the game was crazy, bully our brain. wakaka. but we won in the end.

then we went to A8, guess what the clue was, get 8 As in PMR, walao, this was difficult. in this station, we needed to guess the idioms our group members gestured. kind of difficult, as the one who gestures couldn't say out the idioms. anyway, we got quite many correct. XD we won this station too.

then we found our new clue in clue box, which was actually not a box and very obvious. then the third station was at the taman, by this time, jiamien came. two of us, one is me, needed to blindfold. then went in to a circle surrounded by tables, then picked up as many crushed paper and balloons as possible, to gain marks. but we didn't win this station. haiyo. nevermind, we still had other stations.

okay, now that we had jiamien, we could be a greater group. then we headed for the book stall. this game was so easy, we only had to choose two members, then they will play for us. competing with other group, we only had to find scrapes of paper that had a special mark and find as many as we can. we found three, our opponent only found two, which made us the winner again. haha.

okay, time to find another clue from clue'box', we found it quite easily. then we went to the afternoon teachers' carpark. this game was very funny. me and chesing had to fight for polos. funny. not. my head hurted afterwords. anyway, once i got the polo, with a satey stick, then i will pass it to the other members, which only used toothpick. silly and looked very much like kissing, but it was quite hard to pass the polos till the end of the queue. speaking of hard, we managed to pass seven polos. cool! and this made us the winner of this station.

haha. time for the last station. the twister. player required: members with long legs and hands and an extremely good body twister. haha. very funny. it was quite hard, actually. but in the end, we asked for a tie because both our team and out opponent couldn't twist till we fall. haha.

the game will end now. not. we needed to do something else first. i didn't really understand the purpose of the last game, so, i won't mention it.

around 11.30am - we went back to the canteen. time to eat, we were hungry. but the food hadn't arrived yet. so we had to wait. before we had lunch. the LGs annouced the winner! let's hear the music and some drumroll! okay, the third place went to huimei's group, second went to one of the form3, and first went to chesing's group. we didn't win, but we were the best group, and i won the best leader award.

and then time for cake-cutting. the cake was very yummy, chocolate. i love chocolate, i love cake. yum yum. haha. and the LGs also did souvenirs for each librarian, a DIY keychain, very creative.
and the food was only bihun and sausage.

1.00pm - time to go home, but the AJK stayback for a while to have a meeting with the LGs.

that was our outing. this will be the last year for we F5 to take part in the game. by next year's outing, we will already be graduated. too bad. i will gonna miss the school life.

the cake. look at the words!

chocolate cake with strawberries!


the key chain.

it even has a bar code..

never lose yourself..

being emo again.
i don't really know why
maybe being emo is in my nature..

somebody said: i want to copy her style
i said: just remember not to lose yourself

i am telling people this
but actually the truth is i am losing myself
maybe it's because everybody includes me are very busy
maybe it's because of tension everywhere
maybe it's something else

i wouldn't know the reason
being pessimist just another normal thing for me
but i hate this me

somebody else told me to keep myself busy
and that will do
and keeps me away from being emo..
and i am going to listen to that person

wish me luck ba..

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sports day!!!

wao! sports day yesterday! it was very fun!! i had a great time but very tired until today still sleepy plus headache.. nevermind about me, i want to tell you guys about my sports day!

5.00am- just woke up! so damn early! ok, nevermind, later can enjoy, better then stay in class. had a bit breakfast.

5.45am- seeman came to my house to wait for bus together like usual. bus came, now is sleeping time.

6.30am- needed to switch bus like usual. waited at the bus stop opposite greenlane. bus came. SO MANY PCGHS GRILS!! T.T no seat left.. nevermind, me seeman, szeling and yingxiu stood at the aisle.

6.45am- finally, at school. said bye to seeman, me and szeling walked to class.

6.50am- in class. dumped my beg, visited the loo. then went to talk with jinghan. saw many mental test on her class's board. did a few. some are very accurate.

7.10am- went back to class. talked with friends. then prefect came to take attendence.

7.15am- the bell rang, time to enjoy. i left my class.

7.20am- found szeling, we went to join wanying and some other people in c7.

7.25am- talked with wanying the therapist at the stairs. felt better..

7.35am- went back to c7. chated with them, played cube.. had a great time while waiting for the opening ceremony.

8.00am- said bye to szeling and jerwei. they were off to kebersihan duty.. kelian. we kept chatting.. happy time.. haha. and the opening ceremony began.

8.15am- took money and we were ready for the journey around the school to enjoy and eat!! we had pizza, vitagen. wanyee had a fish burgur..

9.00am- szeling and jerwei came back from duty. we continue our voyage.. haha.. wanying belanja us ice-cream. yum yum. thank you wanying. bought Y.E.'s product.. and i saw chiachia, had a qiuck chat. nice to see you again chia chia!!

10.00am- still walking.. a bit tired already. and the weather was very himid and hot.. we sat near to basketball court, watched jane and huisean running, cheered for them.. saw leechien and whooimeen and kahsing, chated for a while.then we left to the private school area. i bought fish balls, belanja wanying one. jerwei bought ice kacang, szeling bought a twister, and i bought another thing.. haha, i'm nearly full..

10.30am- we bought vitagen again. wanying had 3 vitagen to drink, people belanja de. we sat at taman mppp and watch people ran... the weather is still hot and humid.. jay chou's song was playing. we sang together. wanyi was running, we cheered for her..

11.00am- szeling and jerwei needed to go duty again. pity.. not long after they went, me, wanying, wanyee and hooitheng went back to c7. we sat and talk.

11.15am- company wanying to the other side of 2nd floor. saw jinghan, chated again. went to groundfloor again with wanying, together we brought everyone back to c7.. waiting for the ending ceremony.

11.30am- ending ceremony, prizes were given out.. nothing interesting..

12.00pm- finally, sports day ended. but we couldn't go home yet.. haiz, had to wait till 12.30 in the stadium. at stadium, we sat according to our class.. prefects came to take attendence again.

12.30pm- yeah! the bell rang. walk out to bus stop with szeling. went to 7 eleven to buy xpax..

12.40pm- bus was not yet coming, the weather was still very hot. seeman arrived. we went to 7 eleven to buy junk food..

12.50pm- finally the bus came.. we were quick, able to find seats. seeman, me and szeling ate junk food and chat.. we were very tired. so we slept..

2.30pm- i was home..

end of story!!

this was the last time we can have sports day because we will graduate at the end of this year. but we can come back to school for sports day, can't we?? ^^