Thursday, 11 March 2010

officially eighteen!!

yeah, i'm eighteen now!!
well, though i can't celebrate with friends this year, not yet
but i think i've get the best present this year,
with was the result, though it has some flaw,
B+ for chinese..
but overall, it was a good result!!

happy birthday to me.
and thanks for those who wishes me this year, that mean alot! XD

Monday, 1 March 2010

on the border of time

people always say when you're working,
you wish you can have some rest;
when you're resting,
you wish you're working again.
this is how i feel sometimes in this long holidays

it's funny and melancholy at the same time to say that time speeds up when you're having fun and you don't realise it and when you finally see it, you're a bit late.

that's how it seems now.

the last second when i closed my eyes,
it was last December when my adventure of holiday was just about to start
and the next moment when i opened my eyes now,
we're in March, just about to receive our gravest nightmare--getting the results
positive thinking i am,
it's still a bit scary, though

well, surprisingly
i've only just realised now that i've still had many things undone
but one thing for sure
holiday is over
it's time for decision and greater adventures!