Friday, 26 April 2013

Grow without you

My dear brothers, when was the last time that we were together doing something?
Honestly I couldn't really remember..
Was it the time when we went to Pangkor together?
Or was it the time when we were crazy about ping-pong?

It really is hard to see you nowadays when you three are graduating soon
With all the academic and extracurricular and noncurricular activities that you are doing.
There are stuff that we are busy with that keep us occupied.

Once again in my life
I'm doing this so that when time comes for us to say goodbye when we can't seen each other that often anymore
I won't feel that sad and empty in my life without you guys in campus
And truth be told, without the spontaneity that you guys have
Life really is somewhat, boring.
And being spontaneous was what you four showed me.

Nay, I'll be good when you guys are graduated and chase your dreams.

Just hope that maybe, you guys won't forget that you once have this cute, emotional, grumpy-when-tired, bossy-like-a-mother, sweet-like-a-little-sister little gang brother
And when you are free, you won't forget to ask me and him out,
'cause it's when we are all together that we feel like a big happy family!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Revisited with memories

Gosh, I just realized how long ago my last post was. Life's been busy.