Wednesday, 30 December 2009


it's funny to see people going to school when you've already graduated
for instance, seeing my brother going to standard one next year
and my sister going for form one next year
well, i can't say that i'm not happy for them to finally 'grow up'
but a part of wicked me pity them
because their worst nightmare has only just begun when mine was long ended
not that long, actually..
well, bon voyage, my dear siblings

Saturday, 26 December 2009

dangerous 2 - survivalism at taman negara penang

that's the best camp that i've ever entered.
now, listen to my short story

1st day
i went jungle tracking to pantai keracut.
although it tiring, it was quite fun when you did it with friends
after that we set up our tent for the night
then there was the telematch.
what i can say is it is fun.
and the game was like brand new to me.
after the game, we cooked. =.=
tomyam was what we had as dinner, it was quite good, though.
then the night club.
that's what every group had their two performances.
we didn't play till midnight due to some interruption from the guard.. urgh
but, we did have a chance to sit around as a small group to chat.

2nd day
after breakfast, we went to jungle tracking again
but this time, we went to the other camp side.
i forgot the name of the place..
we had a mystery solving plus cooking competition sort of game.
and the first time since i know how to cook,
i cooked for 16 people with my friend aka my partner in this com, kailin
well, it came out not bad.
after lunch, we had boat riding back to our camp side
this is the coolest part and the fun part about time camp
we enjoyed the sea..
but in the end, we got ourselves wet. the sea water was forever splashing our face.
back. we had another fun telematch, but it was shorter than yesterday.
we were exhausted when we had our shower.
then we BBQ!^^
i don't need to elaborate here, right?
then grouping and discussion..
oh, and then we went to look at the stars.
as we lay down on the sand, we can see the sky was full with stars.
marvellous. aw-inspiring. unforgettable.
we were reluctant to leave when the time for us to leave came.
at night, we can't go to sleep. in the end, we played card game and chat and i went to sleep at 4am..

3rd day, the last day
we became the spectators for the last game to choose the one and only survival!
that was quite exciting..
then after lunch, another boat ride and we're home.
you don't need to be told to know the boat ride was damn fun.
the only thing you need to know is, many people were like having a shower without mopping themselves dry afterward. i was lucky, i only got my hair wet. again.

that was what happened in three days. i was exhausted and even fall into a deep sleep on the way home..

Sunday, 20 December 2009

just a few things to say

due to shortness in time, i'm going to keep this short and simple

1) finally i have finished my SPM. woohoo, now i have the time to relax and figure out what i'm going to do in future.

2) finally i got my car license. but, i can't drive the car alone yet. Yet, it'll be soon. i guess..

3) i'm facing the biggest challenge tomorrow. camping. hear this well. CAMPING. as in real life camping. wish me luck. and pray for me. *smirk*