Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Alice in the wonderland??!

One day, Alice was flying on a plane. She felt very bored, she had no book to read, nothing to play with. So, she decided to look at the beautiful scenery outside from the plane window.

Then, she saw something very weird. And suddenly, the plane started to vibrate so vigorously that Alice was thrown outside the plane through the emergency door. Alice thought she'd be dead but miraculously, she landed on the ground safe and sound, not even a scratch. She survived!! So, she decided to explore the world she was in. She started to walk, very slowly, sucked in everything she saw.

Not long after, she saw a very strange thing. It looked like a ruin of a tower, built by people ages ago by putting great big flate stones together, but it also looked like coins, only way more bigger than the coins she had in her pocket. She counldn't understand. She looked around, and saw that very far far away, there was something, like buildings. So she started to walk again, she thought that maybe there was people who she could get help from.

The journey to the buildings-like place was very long, it almost took two hours to walk there. Finally, she was there. But there was no one!! The buildings-like thing was in fact two similar towers, like the ruin, but they were still standing. She was very tired, very thirsty, she wanted to rest, but she couldn't find anyone that could help her, she was getting very desperate. She couldn't stand it any more. She leant on the wall, sat on the map-like floor and fell asleep.

When she finally awoke, that was hours later and it was nearly noon now. She felt very hungry. But she had to keep walking untill she found somebody who could help her. And there she was, arrived at a strange house. The house looked like a bear. The oddest thing happened, the bear started to talk. The bear told her to walk around the house. She saw there was nothing more interesting to do and she wanted the bossy and chaterbox bear to stop talking, so she did as the bear said: walk around the weird house.
Around the corner, she saw this. A round hole and the black thing that was suppose to be the door laid beside the house. Suddenly she understood. She entered the house through the hole and once she passed through the the door, POP!! Alice woke up, and she was in the real world now, it was just a strange dream.

17/11/08: on my way to leechien's birthday party at red box

Hi everyboday. A very happy monday. I'm on my way to leechien's birtday party at RED BOX.

I'm going to give this bear to leechien. Shared by me, xinqi, jinghan, chiachiu and pheiwei. Cute bear, I'm going to miss you.

Travelling. The weather is very nice, the sky is very blue and i'm bored. So, i take a picture of dear teddy.

And another with me.

And another one.

And then i arrive. The party is fun and everyboday's crazy. Too bad i've to go back at 3pm.

14/11/08: bro's little birthday party at his school

Today's friday, the LAST DAY of school. Cool hah? Well, so i decided to do something better, for instant , go to help my mum celebrate my little bro's birthday at his kindergarten. so, here i am.

My mum is taking the cake out. I am faster than my dad. He is only taking his camera out when i capture this photo. XD

Now. The very cute boy in red shirt is my dear little brother. And that's his cake: winnie the pooh. He chose it.

Say cheese!!

Wah! So many little kids. Thier teacher is giving out the cake to every kid in this room.

It's cake time!!
So, after all this, i go back home and prepare for school. It's sort of fun, looking at so many beautiful smiles when the kids see the cake.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

school's off!!

the school's over.

it's not like i hate school or anything
but i think i can use for a holiday to recharge myself

i think the most thing i'll miss is my friends ( truely )
we'll be seeing each other if we plan to go out..

well, nothing more
i want to wish all my friends to have a happy and great holiday!^^

oh~ look at patrick

i felt bored, so i took some photos of my patrick the dog..

( look at me, i'm off to a holiday, to the beach which has deep clear blue sea, clean and yellowish sand. why don't you come with me, it'll be fun to have someone to play with. )

( don't worry that the sun is hot, i've brought sun block for you. )

( finally, we're here. let's head for the beach. what do you want to do first? let me suggest, swimming in the sea, diving in the sea, sun bathing on the beach, building sand castle, collecting sea shells or taking photos of the breath-taking scenery? pick one and i'm with you. you can count on me. )

( so, you've decided to sun bathing. look at me, i'm sun bathing with sun glasses on my eyes. wow, isn't what i've said rhyme? )

( the sun is getting hotter and hotter! )
okay, enough of patrick, got to go now, it has passed midnight.
i seriously need more sleep.