Wednesday, 22 April 2009


yo!! OUTING of librarian!!
i was soooo excited. the time of the year.
although i had to wake up so damn early in the morning at 5 am. but it was worth it, because it was very very fun!!

6.45am - arrived at school in T and shorts, went to pull the blockers like usual.. then i saw ming li!! she came, to vist us!! i miss her, the best part was she helped me to pull those heavy blockers.. haha.. went to loo..

7.00am - friends from wushu started to arrive. chit-chat for a bit..

7.15am - around this time, xinQi came, in shorts that was shorter than mine.. XP saw yiming leaving for the kebersihan thingy..

7.30am - members of wushu are making the place packed.. decided to go help out with yiming with kebersihan.. this time we didn't have to do the cleaning ourselves, because all the four blooms were taken.. yipii!! the floor was quite clean..

7.45am - back from the cleaning, went up to the store to keep the blooms and dustpan. xinyi was here. we sat then chat..

8.00am - yeah. time to go to the outing!! arrived at the canteen. the f4 LGs were so sistematic, they even arranged our groups and put signs to indicate where all the groups member were suppose to sit.. cool.. were waiting for our group members to arrive.
8.30am - geik got into our group and jiamein will only be arrived later.
the game had started. walao, the clues the LGs did was like IQ test, so dificult. we went to bilik bacaan first, not really in the bilik, but outside it. in the game, we needed to memorise the things the statements said, and their sequence, then use the cards collected to list them in the correct order. the game was crazy, bully our brain. wakaka. but we won in the end.

then we went to A8, guess what the clue was, get 8 As in PMR, walao, this was difficult. in this station, we needed to guess the idioms our group members gestured. kind of difficult, as the one who gestures couldn't say out the idioms. anyway, we got quite many correct. XD we won this station too.

then we found our new clue in clue box, which was actually not a box and very obvious. then the third station was at the taman, by this time, jiamien came. two of us, one is me, needed to blindfold. then went in to a circle surrounded by tables, then picked up as many crushed paper and balloons as possible, to gain marks. but we didn't win this station. haiyo. nevermind, we still had other stations.

okay, now that we had jiamien, we could be a greater group. then we headed for the book stall. this game was so easy, we only had to choose two members, then they will play for us. competing with other group, we only had to find scrapes of paper that had a special mark and find as many as we can. we found three, our opponent only found two, which made us the winner again. haha.

okay, time to find another clue from clue'box', we found it quite easily. then we went to the afternoon teachers' carpark. this game was very funny. me and chesing had to fight for polos. funny. not. my head hurted afterwords. anyway, once i got the polo, with a satey stick, then i will pass it to the other members, which only used toothpick. silly and looked very much like kissing, but it was quite hard to pass the polos till the end of the queue. speaking of hard, we managed to pass seven polos. cool! and this made us the winner of this station.

haha. time for the last station. the twister. player required: members with long legs and hands and an extremely good body twister. haha. very funny. it was quite hard, actually. but in the end, we asked for a tie because both our team and out opponent couldn't twist till we fall. haha.

the game will end now. not. we needed to do something else first. i didn't really understand the purpose of the last game, so, i won't mention it.

around 11.30am - we went back to the canteen. time to eat, we were hungry. but the food hadn't arrived yet. so we had to wait. before we had lunch. the LGs annouced the winner! let's hear the music and some drumroll! okay, the third place went to huimei's group, second went to one of the form3, and first went to chesing's group. we didn't win, but we were the best group, and i won the best leader award.

and then time for cake-cutting. the cake was very yummy, chocolate. i love chocolate, i love cake. yum yum. haha. and the LGs also did souvenirs for each librarian, a DIY keychain, very creative.
and the food was only bihun and sausage.

1.00pm - time to go home, but the AJK stayback for a while to have a meeting with the LGs.

that was our outing. this will be the last year for we F5 to take part in the game. by next year's outing, we will already be graduated. too bad. i will gonna miss the school life.

the cake. look at the words!

chocolate cake with strawberries!


the key chain.

it even has a bar code..

never lose yourself..

being emo again.
i don't really know why
maybe being emo is in my nature..

somebody said: i want to copy her style
i said: just remember not to lose yourself

i am telling people this
but actually the truth is i am losing myself
maybe it's because everybody includes me are very busy
maybe it's because of tension everywhere
maybe it's something else

i wouldn't know the reason
being pessimist just another normal thing for me
but i hate this me

somebody else told me to keep myself busy
and that will do
and keeps me away from being emo..
and i am going to listen to that person

wish me luck ba..

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sports day!!!

wao! sports day yesterday! it was very fun!! i had a great time but very tired until today still sleepy plus headache.. nevermind about me, i want to tell you guys about my sports day!

5.00am- just woke up! so damn early! ok, nevermind, later can enjoy, better then stay in class. had a bit breakfast.

5.45am- seeman came to my house to wait for bus together like usual. bus came, now is sleeping time.

6.30am- needed to switch bus like usual. waited at the bus stop opposite greenlane. bus came. SO MANY PCGHS GRILS!! T.T no seat left.. nevermind, me seeman, szeling and yingxiu stood at the aisle.

6.45am- finally, at school. said bye to seeman, me and szeling walked to class.

6.50am- in class. dumped my beg, visited the loo. then went to talk with jinghan. saw many mental test on her class's board. did a few. some are very accurate.

7.10am- went back to class. talked with friends. then prefect came to take attendence.

7.15am- the bell rang, time to enjoy. i left my class.

7.20am- found szeling, we went to join wanying and some other people in c7.

7.25am- talked with wanying the therapist at the stairs. felt better..

7.35am- went back to c7. chated with them, played cube.. had a great time while waiting for the opening ceremony.

8.00am- said bye to szeling and jerwei. they were off to kebersihan duty.. kelian. we kept chatting.. happy time.. haha. and the opening ceremony began.

8.15am- took money and we were ready for the journey around the school to enjoy and eat!! we had pizza, vitagen. wanyee had a fish burgur..

9.00am- szeling and jerwei came back from duty. we continue our voyage.. haha.. wanying belanja us ice-cream. yum yum. thank you wanying. bought Y.E.'s product.. and i saw chiachia, had a qiuck chat. nice to see you again chia chia!!

10.00am- still walking.. a bit tired already. and the weather was very himid and hot.. we sat near to basketball court, watched jane and huisean running, cheered for them.. saw leechien and whooimeen and kahsing, chated for a while.then we left to the private school area. i bought fish balls, belanja wanying one. jerwei bought ice kacang, szeling bought a twister, and i bought another thing.. haha, i'm nearly full..

10.30am- we bought vitagen again. wanying had 3 vitagen to drink, people belanja de. we sat at taman mppp and watch people ran... the weather is still hot and humid.. jay chou's song was playing. we sang together. wanyi was running, we cheered for her..

11.00am- szeling and jerwei needed to go duty again. pity.. not long after they went, me, wanying, wanyee and hooitheng went back to c7. we sat and talk.

11.15am- company wanying to the other side of 2nd floor. saw jinghan, chated again. went to groundfloor again with wanying, together we brought everyone back to c7.. waiting for the ending ceremony.

11.30am- ending ceremony, prizes were given out.. nothing interesting..

12.00pm- finally, sports day ended. but we couldn't go home yet.. haiz, had to wait till 12.30 in the stadium. at stadium, we sat according to our class.. prefects came to take attendence again.

12.30pm- yeah! the bell rang. walk out to bus stop with szeling. went to 7 eleven to buy xpax..

12.40pm- bus was not yet coming, the weather was still very hot. seeman arrived. we went to 7 eleven to buy junk food..

12.50pm- finally the bus came.. we were quick, able to find seats. seeman, me and szeling ate junk food and chat.. we were very tired. so we slept..

2.30pm- i was home..

end of story!!

this was the last time we can have sports day because we will graduate at the end of this year. but we can come back to school for sports day, can't we?? ^^

Friday, 10 April 2009

xiaolonG is emo

xiaolonG is emo
xiaolonG is afraid
xiaolonG is sad

xiaolonG is afraid of cruelty of this world
xiaolonG is afraid of cruelty of truth
xiaolonG is afraid of future
xiaolonG is afraid she will lose

because of these
xiaolonG is sad
xiaolonG is emo
xiaolonG wants to cry out loud,
but seems couldn't do so
because it is too painful

Sunday, 5 April 2009

new background!!

i have my new background now, thanks to wanying!!

things that i want to tell wanying:
1) my blog is pretty!! thanks to you.
2) my blog is much much more better than before, thanks to you.
3) i love my blog now, thanks to you.
4) and last, thank you a thousand times!!

ladies and gentlemen, i bring you my blog, enjoy please!!