Wednesday, 27 January 2010

22 Jan, when you went back home

two and a half years ago
you left to Australia
at the airport
four friends were in grief
for it'd be difficult to meet again
but at that time
we knew that two years later we'd meet again
yes, it was us
wiping each others' tears
a glimpse of hope formed in our hearts
we'd be meeting no sooner or later
time flew
two years weren't that long

we could live through it

two long years passed
you told us you'd be back at the end of year
another half year of waiting
but nevermind
two long dark years had passed
another half of year was a piece of cake

half a year passed
you were back
nobody except me could go to see you arrive at the airport
the waiting for check in was long
but the moment we saw each other
we hugged tightly
we met again
there weren't much time
we parted the moment i gave you my books

and since then till before you left again
we met again every week
we went shopping in queensbay
went swimming at karkar's
went to xinqi's
time flew faster than we thought
from 2 Jan to 22 Jan
you stayed in penang for only 21 days
we appreciate
valued every moment we had with you
for after this time
the next meeting seems faraway

22 Jan
i was the only one who could go
i was at the airport one and a half hour before you arrived
i brought a book
the colossus crisis was the name
precipitating my thought
i waited for 9.30am to come

when a book was in my hand
time flew doubled its normal speed
you arrived
a smile was on my face when i saw her
both of us agreed not to cry this time on the phone last night
a brief hug
i helped to push their luggage to the counter for check in
she laughed
joked when she saw that the total weight didn't exceed 100kg

we sat at the McD at the airport
sharing a cup of hot Milo
it was time for you to go
we hugged each other for the last time
tears rolling in your already red eyes

but they didn't fall down
we'd agreed
and surprisingly
i didn't cry too
i understood one thing
bright and shine i was
telling her that we still have msn and facebook
she nodded
one last look at each other
she left

sitting on rapid heading home
i'd thought of something
and i regretted thinking of it now
i haven't kept my promise to take her for a drive with me behind the wheel
i haven't kept my promise to cook something nice like my spaghetti for her

and i won't have the chance again until we meet again
and it struck me
my nose felt sour
but i didn't cry
i kept my promise

this time
we did take some photos
but there weren't many
being me
i like to take others' photos rather than others taking mine
it feels weird
but it's the best way for me to capture every moment
with me as the photographer
but this time
eyes as camera
everything i see
everything i feel

i still remember what leechien told me last year
a quote in her novel
this was part of the reason i didn't cry
thank you

i wanted to upload video from youtube
but oddly, i can't
maybe i'll upload it next time
these are the songs dedicated to our friendship
i liked the italic part the best
songs that are dedicated to our precious friendship
friends forever, my friends

你 身 上 专 属 的 陌 生 味 道

是 我 确 认 你 存 在 的 目 标

不 用 来 回 张 望 了

直 到 今 世 我 们 相 隔 著 一 个 街 角

这 么 久 了, 我 还 是 可 以 看 到

感 觉 得 到 你 对 我 的 重 要

不 会 被 天 黑 天 亮 打 扰

你 每 一 次 的 温 柔 我 都 想 炫 耀

我 们 绕 了 这 么 一 圈 才 遇 到

我 比 谁 都 更 明 白 你 的 重 要

这 么 久 了 我 就 决 定 了

决 定 了 你 的 手 我 握 了 不 会 放掉

我 们 绕 了 这 么 一 圈 才 遇 到

我 答 应 自 己 不 再 庸 人 自 扰

因 为 我 要 的 我 自 己 知 道

只 要 你 的 肩 膀 依 然 让 我 靠

雨下好乱 半个夜晚 你不在身边怎麽晚安

天好蓝 要和你一起看


心事简单 一句说完


有眼泪 也因为你灿烂


要谢谢爱 让你在我身边守护我的未来

有多少美丽奇蹟你手心里全都记载 好期待

要谢谢爱 让我学会宽容学会体谅关怀


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

the last time we had together in queensbay-17 Jan

well, the planning of today was a mess, but fortunately, we found an agreement to the time and place in the end and luckily, xinyi could go this time.

so, at 9.30am, i was behind the wheel with my dad sitting beside me who're up until now, still doesn't allow me to drive alone. stuff and bother. nevermind, at least i could drive to xinqi's today without a serious flaw. i thought i was the last to arrive when i pulled up in front of her gate ten minutes after ten. but it seemed that everyone was late. so, i was the first to arrive.

a few minutes after i'd gone into xinqi's too familiar room, karkar arrived. first time set her foot into xinqi's house after 4 years of friendship. we kapsiao a bit then the most important people today arrived. hoho. xinqi went down to welcome her while me and karkar hid behind the door and prepared to scare the life out of shuli. it didn't work out well, shuli didn't scared to death. surprisingly, her sis weren't with her today.

with everyone arrived-xinyi will meet us at queensbay later-we played card games, with shuli, xinqi and karkar using xinqi's laptop at the same time, thanks karkar for bringing the cards. a few rounds of game and we were bored. so xinqi took out her Uno, we played Uno. one round of game and we abandoned the thought of playing card games. we focused our mind on the laptop instead. we went to facebook, went to youtube to watch some funny video and karkar was doing magic with her cards while we wait for 12 pm to come and xinqi's parents will be fetching us to queensbay to meet up with xinyi.

horray! we were at queensbay again! sadly, this will be the last time. we walked from restaurant to restaurant unable to decide what to eat for lunch while waiting for xinyi. xinyi came at last, she hugged shu the moment she saw her. this was the first time she saw shu for 2 and a half year and the last time she'll be seeing her before she went back to Perth. in the end , we had japanese food. it was delicious, we were full! luckily shuli's, karkar's and my plate wasn't that big, or we'd end up like xinqi and xinyi, both had large ramen, unable to finished all of it.hehe

after lunch, we just walked and talked, window shopped, actually. at 3.30pm, shu had to go. we took more photos together. and then she went. but we were not done with queensbay after she went home. we went to Nose, Padini, Forever 21 and Jusco just to look for a watch for shu, a gift for her before we meet again, which honestly we don't know when, only god and fate know. 5pm came, we went home.

hmm, she was tapping at her phone. don't know what karkar was doing.

she gave us a smile and said she's tired. she can be annoying sometimes.

wake up, karkar!!

karkar the sleeping god doesn't even bother us.

she keeps on sleeping. i should bang her head with shuli's handbag.

now she wakes up! but i didn't bang her head with the bag.

here's shuli, she's looking at xinqi's stuff.

the sleeping god is giving out the cards.


my handphone pouch, the Bear and xinqi's book.

three people squeeze on a single bed. wow.

we love your laptop

here she is.


her bag.

say cheese

karkar said re qing yi dian, so we hug and say cheese.

this is the normal one, with pooh in it.

me and karkar

me and karkar again.

shuli, me and karkar. i'm the tallest of us all. *smirk*

1, 2, 3, 4, say cheese!

xinqi, what are you doing?

okay, now i understand, it's photo taking time.

green tea plus honey, it's nice.

yesh! i managed to snap a photo of xinyi eating.

a photo of lamp before we left.

ps there may be more photos to be upload.

Friday, 15 January 2010


wanna get outta here!!

so long, farewell

so long, farewell, dear yellow 'bumblebee'
i'll miss 'you'!

Monday, 11 January 2010

at karkar's

9 JANUARY 2010

hmm, half past two. i was already late, BUT *hoho* i was the second one arrived at the front gate of the apartment karkar lives, stepped out from my dad's car just seconds after xinqi got out to meet karkar..

the moment the three pair of eyes met, we was some how shock.. the most important people hadn't arrived yet, what if she had forgotten??! we called, it was only me, actually.. i called several numbers, but, we didn't get in touch with her... oh no, she had forgotten.. nevermind, we would stick to our schedule if she really forgotten to come..

so, we went up. the first thing xinqi did was to go online with karkar's pc.. that was pathetic, karkar said, if she wanted to go online, why did she left her house in the first place.. HAHA. well, ximqi did listen to us, she signed out, and then we sat in karkar's room and chat while waiting for the Very Important Person, shuli to come, if ever she came..xinqi talked a lot about INTI, she brought her homework for us to take a look.. and then suddenly, my phone rang and then we knew it was her. she said she was on her way, but she will be late..

so, we went to play karkar's PS2 while waiting for she and her sis. hehe i'd told karkar the other day that i wanted to play her crazy frog at her house. so we played it. me against xinqi, and guess what, i WON! the FIRST place, and xinqi was the LAST one. *haik haik* a few battles afterwards, shuli arrived. so we went down again to bring her up.and then we played crazy frog again and shu and her sis were inspecting the Rubik's cube karkar has.


woohoo~ time for a swim. everyone put on their swimming suits, gathered the towels and off we went. to the swimming pool. at fifth floor. four floor below karkar's apartment. and xinqi was fussing about the datol smell in the lift, saying it was nice.. karkar and me: haiyoyo! yey! the swimming pool! there was a basketball court beside it, too bad we didn't bring our ball.. T.T

just keep swimming. just keep swimming.. saying it was easy, doing it was way difficult! i don't know how to swim. unlucky me.. it was fun though, playing ball in the pool. and my gosh, i know xinqi can swim but i didn't know that she can swim very well plus she can goes under the water.. this impressed us a lot. a little boy younger than my brother, probably around the age of 5, he swim in the adult pool too.. walao, even small children can swim.. i really must go learn to swim..


we went up. we felt very heavy after the swim, even jumping at that time was difficult.. so you can imagine how heavy was that. ate and shower was what we did back up. and shuli gave me and xinqi for a small gift, xinyi has one too, too bad she couldn't come.. it was a delicate necklace, rainbow as it pendant and a word friends. it's really sweet, thank you shuli.. too bad i had to go early. dad was coming when i was about to have a shower.. thanks karkar! thanks everyone!

let's call it a day. until next time then.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

two and a half hours at queensbay

at 2pm, i was supposed to be at borders, queensbay. but the problem was my dad. my goodness, he went to have a shower at exactly 2pm. this started to irritate me, he better change. so instead, i reached queensbay around 2.30pm. i just wish my dad let me drive the car alone, then i would never ever be late again!

so, the moment i went into the southern entrance, i saw them. xinqi, karkar, shu and her sis. they were discussing where to have lunch for me, shu and her sis, since karkar and xinqi already had theirs. i suggested we go eat at kimgary but there was a long queue at the waiting spot. we totaly needed to eat express so in the end, we had pizza. well, while waiting for the pizza, we chat. anyway, just the normal topics you have in conversation in lunch. we did confirm for the saturday activity. hohoho, we'll go swimming!! the pizza came, we ate. end of lunch.
we were like little children lost in a big and scary forest. not exactly, but still. we couldn't decide where to go next. so we went to bodyglove and saw junling who was working at there and she had to wear makeup.. then we went to see miyuki who was working in a shop selling perfumes. and then we saw popular!! we 'rushed' into it, all to happy to be able to fine a target after the long walk. i wanted to buy ink pens for my sis, but too bad, the pilot G2 went out of stock. fine. at least i bought leads for them and xinqi bought exam pad..
next, we went to vior as xinqi said the clothes from there are nice when we happened to pass by it. the clothes were really nice but expansive... 5pm was coming.. we chose the last spot for today. jusco. looking at clothes. what else? we saw some which was really nice.. and then we saw.. gowns! pretty gowns some was. we asked shu to try one one, then we asked xinqi to try one and she said we take four and four of us go try except shu's sis. too bad, in the end, nobody went to try those nice gowns.. and really soon, my dad came, i had to go home.. we all had to go home now.. am waiting for this sat!!
ps i was meant to take more photos but i forgot. how could i forgot this one really important and simple thing? will really have to take many photos this sat before all the chance to do so dies..
only one photo...

xinqi and karkar walking at the front, shu's sis, shu and me walking behind

pps good luck to those who are going to college tomorrow. bon voyage!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

count down + sleepover

i was supposed to arrive at xinqi's at 5pm but due to some stupid problem, i arrived after 6pm. auntie and uncle brought us to have dinner at supertanker. then we decided to go to count down later. we went back to xinqi's and chat somemore. it was the most serious conversation that i had in a week. around 10.30pm, we walked to queensbay from xinqi's aunt's house. as we walked, we could see there were MANY people. it was like an ants parade. along the way, we heard tank sang. too bad i couldn't make it in time for zhuan shu tian shi. me, xinqi and xinyi went for a walk in queensbay before we met again with her family for the count down and we started to send new year wishes to friends. before 12am, we chose a good spot for the firework and the screen of the concert. at exactly 12am, 'boom' the firework was off! amazing! i video-ed it down in my phone. it was 5minutes long. from that moment onward, i admire the work of cameraman..

after that, we walked home. there were even more people, and it looked even more like ants parade than just now.after we had shower and a mug of hot milo in each hand, it felt splendid. we went online, watched some mv in youtube, and we chat some more. and 4am came, seriously, we should sleep. and we did..

in the morning, i was the first to wake up, even before my alarm.. when the alarm rang, they didn't woke up, so i played the song again, louder this time. =.= they asked me to bath first... sleepy pigs. after that, her parents brought us to eat dinsam.. yum yum, but we were full! back. time to cook... i cooked for xinqi and xinyi. but actually, it turned out we cooked.. we only cooked a soup and eggs with tomatoes because we had too much earlier.. not long, 2 pm reached.. time to go but before that we cleaned up first..

family reunion

now you see why we needed to clean up
.... we got work to do..