Tuesday, 21 September 2010



Tuesday, 14 September 2010

IT class

I'm sick today! oh god
flu. again..
luckily there was a free period after chem lab
had time to walk back to dorm for pills
so now i'm feeling quite okay

IT class now.
supposing we have nothing to do since we'd finished all that needed to be done
our lecturer still has things she wants us to do.
she divides the class into 5 groups
and asks us to do presentation about topics she gave like mine group was given web browser.
unfortunately, she doesn't want me to be in the same group with shanling again.
so here i go, separate with shanling. again.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

from perak back to penang

Today is the first day of raya holiday, my family came to fetch me home from college, the others of my gang all back penang by bus.
Their bus was just arrived when i went to the guard house to scan my id.
After we had lunch, we went to gua tempurung but sadly the tour is closed at 4, we arrived 330pm.
A tour takes about 40 minutes, so we didn't go in and see the beauty of the cave.
Nevermind, next time!

So, no gua tempurung, we went up the highway and headed home.
At the highway, we saw 2 buses stopped at the road side and many people.
My dad joked that maybe that's the bus that my friends took, i said nay, that'd be impossible. But than surprisingly, the truth is, that was indeed that bus they took.
Km told me that the bus they took broke down, it only went 40km/hrs. WHAT?! so slow
So in the end, they arrived home after 8pm, much more later than me.
Back to highway.
Hmm.. I was so damned tired that i fell asleep in the car.
When i woke up, we were stuck in a jam at autocity.
My dad's car was low patrol, so we went in autocity for dinner and fill up the tank while waiting for the jam to loosen.

The shop!
The kui tiao teng at the shop is sooooo nice!!
The seven village!
Next time go there must go there eat. x)

So in the end, we only reached home at 8. x)
tired, but still refuse to go sleep. x)
they left chocolate fudge cake for me <3
the sky on the way home looked like this
outside gua tempurung beside the lake
the clock of in the shop very special.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

holiday starting tomorrow

yesh!! holiday again!!!
go shopping!
go eat!
relax abit
though i know it's only a few days long
well, what do you expect?